Dr. Kimya N. Dennis is a criminologist and sociologist with a criminal justice background.  She is an Assistant Professor and the creator and Coordinator of the Criminal Studies program in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Studies at Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has a PhD. in sociology from North Carolina State University. Her dissertation examined factors contributing to aggression and violence expressed inward, in the form of suicide, or outward. This partial test of the stream of violence theory addressed Black male suicide and white male suicide; and addressed total Black population suicide and total white population suicide. Dr. Dennis currently does interdisciplinary work on suicide and self-harm, mental health, and childfree-by-choice and overall reproductive freedoms. Her work captures the general population and places particular emphasis on underserviced communities and Blacks/African-Americans/immediate African diaspora.  This community outreach includes being on the Board of Directors for The Mental Health Association in Forsyth County; North Carolina chapter of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; and LEAD Girls of NC.

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          Contact: Kimya N. Dennis, Ph.D. •  601 S. Church Street • Winston-Salem, NC 27101  •  (P) (919) 710-0288

                Criminologist and Sociologist

Kimya N. Dennis, Ph.D.