Dr. Kimya N. Dennis is a consultant, speaker, community advocate, educator, and researcher working with organizations and community members about mental health, suicide and suicidal self-harm, reproductive freedom, and childfree-by-choice. This captures demographic and cultural variance, legality and criminality, criminal justice system, gender identity, sexual identity, and race and ethnicity. The general population is reached through this work with emphasis on under-served individuals, communities, and cultures.

Dr. Kimya N Dennis CV (PDF)  
                                   February 2018 Newsletter




          Contact: Kimya N. Dennis •  Cell 919-710-0288 • kimya@kimyandennis.com

Consultant, Speaker, Community Advocate, Educator and Researcher:

Demographic variance and cultural variance

Mental health, suicide and suicidal self-harm, law enforcement, criminal justice system,

Reproductive freedom, challenging pronatalism, childfree-by-choice

Kimya N. Dennis, Ph.D.